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Poppet Dampers

Poppet Dampers are ideal for applications that require quick cycling time and tight shut-off. Our Effox-Flextor brand Poppet Dampers are used for isolation capabilities for fabric filter applications and incineration systems. They are designed to control the reverse gas flow, outlet flow, and bypass flow of gases, thus enhancing filtration.

Our custom-designed Poppet Dampers are engineered for optimal performance and efficiency, delivering high productivity with low operating costs. Through decades of experience, we are able to provide dependable solutions to fit your application-specific needs, incorporating packing gland designs that eliminate leakage, and heavy duty disc blade designs for reliable response over the life of the damper. In addition, all components of our dampers are removable after installation, allowing easy and low-cost maintenance.


  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Easy and lower cost maintenance with removal components
  • Maximum performance with heavy-duty cylinders that exceed normal operating conditions
  • Premium quality construction materials – carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy, and/or corrosion-resistant materials


  • Constructed in single-and-double blade arrangements
  • Robust disc blade
  • Heavy duty cylinders
  • Fully calibrated blade seats, adjusted to allow for tight blade-to-seal contact and shut-off
  • Packing gland design

Poppet Dampers from Effox-Flextor

The Effox-Flextor brand has been a global leader in the development and manufacturing of high-quality, versatile fuel combustion and exhaust equipment for more than five decades. To deal with the intense temperatures and severe forces in solid fuel combustion, it is absolutely essential that the equipment used is safe, durable, and reliable. Around the world, companies rely on Effox-Flextor Poppet Dampers to aid in curbing greenhouse gas emissions that are harmful to the air and our wellness. We take great satisfaction in being a supporter of environmental health.

Effox-Flextor’s drive to preserve the environment is matched only by our drive to produce equipment meeting the highest standards. As you and your business strive to improve emissions control, we are by your side. From conception to execution, we manufacture and install equipment that is unequaled in value and reliability so that it can comply with even the strictest regulations. For custom, precisely tailored emission solutions, we employ some of the finest engineers who are ready to produce the perfect solution for your company. When you choose Effox-Flextor, you are choosing a product for life.