Advanced Oxidation Process

Advanced Oxidation Process


Advanced oxidation process (AOP) is a chemical treatment procedure designed to remove organic and some inorganic material from water and wastewater by oxidation reactions. Used mostly for wastewater treatment, AOP usually refers specifically to a chemical process that employs ozone (O3), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), with or without UV light, and Ferrate base chemicals.

AOP is widely used in industrial wastewater treatment and brings several benefits such as achieving disinfection, the process doesn’t introduce any new hazardous substances into the water, and it effectively eliminates organic compounds from wastewater, among others.

Features & Benefits

  • Effectively eliminate organic compounds from wastewater
  • Transfer pollutants into another safe phase
  • Heavy metals can be removed
  • Disinfection can be achieved
  • Does not introduce any new hazardous substances into the water
  • Some AOP chemicals are environmentally friendly
  • Chemical treatment for sewage water
  • Chemical treatment for COD and BOD for industrial wastewater
  • Chemical treatment for pharmaceutical wastewater
  • Chemical treatment for the food and beverage industry
  • Treatment of hazardous wastewater