CECO Environmental is a leading environmentally focused, diversified industrial company whose solutions protect people, the environment, and industrial equipment across the globe, serving a broad landscape of industrial air, industrial water and energy transition markets. We are pleased to offer a full line of products and services with our CECO Family of Brands!

Peerless Separation & Filtration

Peerless Separation & Filtration is a global leader in separation technologies for the oil, gas and petrochemical markets. Offering systems for both onshore and offshore applications, Peerless designs and supplies a wide range of compact, engineered, high-efficiency processing, industrial separation and filtration equipment for the global oil and gas industry. Peerless also brings decades of experience and a team with deep expertise that delivers reliable, economical components for complete water treatment solutions. From produced water to wastewater process to potable water packages, Peerless can help you achieve optimal performance.

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Powerful and durable industrial emissions control.
Thermal oxidizers and VOC abatement technology.
Industrial silencers make noise by being quiet.
Fume collection technologies and air quality systems.
A pioneer and innovator of mist elimination technology.
Water filtration, water purification and oil-water treatment solutions.
The leader in high-performance metallic centrifugal pumps.
Innovative provider of treatment services for industrial wastewater, demineralized water, condensate water, produced water and other industrial water needs.
Heavy-duty industrial dampers and expansion joints.
VOC abatement and odor control systems.
Custom cyclone systems – unparalleled design, unequaled quality.
Industrial cyclones and venturi scrubbers that keep the earth clean.
Industrial dust collection for every industry and environment.
Fiberglass centrifugal pumps for harsh conditions.
Rubber expansion joints and flow control products.
Wet scrubbers and industrial fans for the toughest conditions.
Provides a full range of services in water and wastewater treatment from planning/engineering to installation and start up.
The Inteliair® intelligent control system intelligently and automatically monitors and controls dust extraction, fume extraction and all other forms of air movement systems.
Modular ducting systems for any application, any industry.
Custom sheet metal fabrication and industrial ventilation.
Corrosion resistant pumps and filters for the metal finishing industry.
Combustion systems to reduce and control emissions.
Leading industrial separation and filtration expertise.
Leading experts in water and wastewater treatment.
Corrosion chemical pumps hand-made to perform.
Transcend Solutions manufactures efficient, innovative, and customized separations solutions that optimize critical customer processes in the hydrocarbon production and processing industries.
A leading manufacturer of advanced industrial, commercial and environmental noise control systems.
Providing complete dust extraction and fume extraction systems for over 45 years!


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