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Peerless Water is a global leader in water treatment technologies for the oil, gas, power, petrochemical and other industrial markets. Our focus is to protect the environment, capital equipment, health and safety, in addition to protecting and minimizing freshwater consumption by improving treatment efficiency, recovery and reusing wastewater.

Offering systems for both onshore and offshore applications, Peerless designs and supplies a wide range of compact, high-efficiency process separation and filtration equipment for a variety of

Peerless Water, in conjunction with other CECO brands, offers industrial water and wastewater solutions for onshore and offshore applications. We optimize and tailor designs to supply a wide range of systems that are packaged, compact, efficient, reliable and durable for various applications. We have extensive experience and global market knowledge to provide produced water, industrial wastewater, sewage water process and potable water packages.

Over the past 20 years, Peerless Water has successfully supplied hundreds of water and wastewater systems to our clients across our global footprint. Our knowledgeable engineers, fabrication facilities, and fabrication partners across Asia and the Middle East ensure our product's quality, on-time delivery, and cost-effectiveness.

Headquartered in the United States with offices in the UK, Dubai, Shanghai, India, China, Korea, and Singapore, CECO serves customers in all time zones.

Peerless Water products, solutions and services include:

  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Sewage Treatment System: (Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR), Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)
  • Filtration System: (Sand, Activated Carbon, Multimedia, Iron and Heavy Metals Removal Filtrations Units)
  • Micron Filtration: (UF, Ceramic, Micro Filtrations)
  • Desalination Systems: (Seawater, Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Units, Water Makers)
  • Demineralization: (Ion Exchange Resin, Electro-deionization)
  • Mixed Bed Columns: (Condensate Polishing unit)
  • Advanced Oxidation Process: (Ferrate Based)
  • Zero Liquid Discharge: (Mechanical Vapor Recompression)
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The CECO Interactive Solutions Map allows you to explore separation & filtration technologies from Peerless.
CECO Interactive Solutions Map

Check out the CECO Interactive Solutions Map to explore separation & filtration technologies from Peerless.



A water collection channel allows water to flow in from the left and right sides in a water treatment facility.
Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Sewage treatment facilities provide wastewater services (including municipal sewage treatment and leachate treatment) to residential, commercial, municipal and industrial sectors of the economy. This industry requires products and solutions for soil vapor extraction/groundwater remediation, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, chemical, biological and mechanical odor control, and fluid handling and filtration.

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Peerless Separation & Filtration
Peerless Separation & Filtration
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