Absorption Media Filters

Absorption Media Filters


Our absorption media is designed for the removal of total hydrocarbons from water, including amongst many, Phenols, PAH and BTEX.

The media is a non-swelling organoclay granular media that removes hydrocarbons from water by means of chemisorption.

Absorption Media Filters are typically used downstream of a hydrocyclones, flotation unit, media filtration as a final stage polishing filter to ensure guaranteed oil in water outlet conditions are met. This can be for an upset condition where performance can deteriorate in upstream process equipment.

The media is supplied in a cartridge form for easy removal and replacement but can also be supplied in bulk beds for upflow and downflow operation.

The vessels can be linked up to oil in water analysers on a bypass line to only come into service when poor outlet quality of upstream processes are detected.

The media works by chemically absorbing hydrocarbons, and this is a bonding process, therefore no release can occur.

Features & Benefits

  • Absorbs 50 to 100% of its own weight
  • Can absorb up to 10 times more than standard GAC Media
  • Non-swelling and can be in cartridge form
  • Media remains free flowing as filters do not become “blocked” even when fully saturated
  • Operating temperature of up to 90°C
  • Optimum operation between pH of 4–11
  • Ideal for offshore where quick cartridge replacement is required

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