Acoustical Consultancy

Acoustical Consultancy

Burgess Aarding

Burgess – Aarding is the pioneer of noise control. Since 1928 we supply acoustical solutions that minimize noise, and the impact noise has on the surroundings of an industrial plant. Often this is done in a new situation, and you work based on assumptions.

On the other hand, we also see that there are acoustical challenges in existing situations. Or plant owners want to take responsibility and reduce the noise pollution for their employees and the environment. In these existing situation or 90+ years of experience in acoustical solutions comes in handy. To support you we can do an acoustical site survey to determine what are the big sources of noise and advise on the best possibilities to mitigate the noise.

When the noise source is clear our site survey can support you to determine how big the challenge is and what is required to resolve this issue.

Our engineers are capable of:

-             On site sound level measurements

-             Noise prediction calculations

-             Detailed advise about the steps to undertake to reduce your “noise” problem


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