Bio-Pro Biofiltration Systems

Bio-Pro Biofiltration Systems


Biofiltration is one of the greenest technologies available, protecting both people and the environment from harmful pollutants, such as corrosive gases and mists, hazardous air pollutants, process odors and more.

The core function of biofiltration is the removal of contaminants from a gas stream using microorganisms to degrade the compounds via a biofilter. The contaminants are transferred into a biofilm—a combination of different microorganisms—designed to effectively eat target compounds. Bio-oxidation occurs within the biofilm, after the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odors are ready for degradation, bio-oxidation occurs within the biofilm and the VOCs are digested by the microbial population in the filter, thus resulting in clean emissions.

HEE-Duall Bio-Pro biofiltration systems, a CECO Environmental brand, is an industry leader in biofiltration systems and upstream equipment including: cyclones, venturi scrubbers, mist eliminators, duct, exhaust fans and hoods.

CECO offers a range of solutions including Bio-Reaction Oxidizers (BRI) and the Bio-Pro system. These systems cover a diverse set of markets in air treatment including VOC or HAP abatement along with odor control applications. This umbrella of technologies allows us to offer you a wide spectrum of solutions for new and already installed systems.

Equipment Life and Efficiency

Working closely with CECO, you can rest assured that your system will be monitored and maintained properly and efficiently, providing cost savings as a result of our comprehensive preventative maintenance packages.

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Features & Benefits

Low Total Cost of Ownership

CECO products and solutions are designed to be earth-friendly, while offering a low cost of ownership—from capital expenditures to maintenance costs. CECO prides itself on not only offering earth-friendly products but does it at a cost that fits your budget. This low cost of ownership stems from numerous factors including equipment life and efficiency, preventative maintenance programs and services like media replacement, among others.

Green Technology

Not all air abatement products are created equal. CECO’s biofiltration systems have been developed to minimize the environmental impact associated with emission remediation. Biofiltration systems, like Bio-Pro, are Green Technologies with the following key attributes:

  • Reduced NOx and CO2 emissions
  • Decreased fossil fuel usage through equipment and processes that are environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • Optimized water flow rates and low air flow differential pressure for minimized energy requirements
  • Low system maintenance and reduced downtime to minimize emission diversions

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