Acoustical Shrouds

Acoustical Shrouds

Burgess Aarding

Acoustical shrouds can be applied on/around surfaces and equipment that emit too much noise.  Our shrouds can be used to meet your near field and or far field noise requirements.

With our experience we can help you select which surface or surfaces to cover with shrouds and in case another solution might be beneficial (like moving a silencer more upstream) we will advise that as well as - we look at the overall optimization of your system – we have a broad range of products to compliment the shroud.

Our shroud solutions are modular and can be connected direct to your systems, like HRSGs, or as a free-standing construction with a support structure.  Being modular they are easily demounted and reinstalled as and where required to facilitate access to shrouded elements also. The shrouds are designed in a way to provide for natural ventilation to occur preventing heat buildup.  Our engineers will be actively engaged in finding solutions for all interface requirements - as we do understand your challenges.  We even have developed a solution where we can supply a shroud that you can attach / connect to your HRSG wall without welding being required on site.

Other options from our portfolio are freestanding walls when the enclosure cannot be connected to an existing structure.


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