Blow Down Separator Silencer

Blow Down Separator Silencer

Burgess Aarding

Burgess-Aarding has the solutions for all your safety, and unit blowdown applications for the natural gas industry. With well over 20 years of experience in the industry, Aarding has handled applications of various sizes from all the main players within the natural gas industry. From single unit blowdown silencers, to handling multiple volumes in a large multi-million pound per hour station blowdown silencer, Aarding has solutions to fit your needs, no matter the blowdown duration or sound pressure level requirements.


Natural Gas Blowdown Silencers have a few critical design aspects. The most important is safely release the gas compressor station from pressure, especially in an emergency blowdown situation. This has to be done in a controlled manner to assure the integrity of the system without causing acoustical pollution that can form a hazardous situation for the employees and its surroundings.

To achieve we focus on:

-             Controlled Blowdown time

-             Acoustic design

-             Separation of any liquids to assure these hydrocarbon liquids will not be spilled.

-             Ejection height to provide sufficient dispersion


The blowdown time is controlled with our uniquely designed multi-stage diffuser in combination with upstream Restrictive Orifice. If that is not sufficient, we can also offer a dynamic variable orifice.

With the right multi-stage diffuser, we have the full flexibility to design the silencer very compact and meet the most stringent acoustical requirements. If required multiple blowdown lines can be combined to one single casing to minimize the required installation footprint.


Another benefit of our compact silencers is the option to integrate a separation component in the diffuser. During venting of the natural gas compressor station or pipeline there often is the risk that hydrocarbon liquids are released to atmosphere. With our integrated separator these liquid hydrocarbons are knocked out and collected in the sump of the silencer. This way the pollution of our environment is reduced to an absolute minimum even in safety situations.


Our Natural Gas Blowdown Separator Silencer assures you can safely blowdown your system and assure the safety of your workers and neighbors and take out the spilling of liquid hydrocarbons). All in the most compact silencer available in the market which minimizes transportation and installation cost.



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