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Diverter | Diverter Damper | Diverter Dampers


Diverter Dampers

Diverter Dampers are tight shut-off devices used to redirect hot gas flow from one outlet to another, and are commonly used in heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) exhaust stack applications. Our Effox-Flextor brand Diverter Damper can be configured in a low-leak or zero-leak design, and a toggle-type or pivot style diverter damper for HRSG, waste heat recovery, natural gas turbine and other systems that require diversion of the gas stream.

Our Diverter Damper units are available with simple blades, structural blades, thermally compensating blades and profiled blades, each constructed for optimal performance. Applying decades of experience, we are able to deliver custom designed solutions configured for your specific application requirements, providing efficient operations for a long service life.



  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Maintenance free components
  • Custom designs for specific application requirements
  • Premium quality materials for reliable performance and maximum life span
  • Maintenance free components



  • Damper designs range from small turbine units to large turbines
  • Drive options include simple shaft mounted pneumatic actuation to heavy-duty electric and hydraulic actuation with failsafe configurations
  • Machined coupling gland
  • Compression gland
  • Roller bearing – maintenance free
  • Insulated blades are available for heat retention applications
Diverter | Diverter Damper | Diverter Dampers
Diverter | Diverter Damper | Diverter Dampers