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Butterfly Dampers | Wafer Dampers


Butterfly Dampers / Wafer Dampers

Butterfly Dampers/Wafer Dampers are typically used for moderated flow control when precision is not critical. Our Effox-Flextor brand Butterfly Dampers are uniquely designed with heavy-duty blades and housing, to provide maximum resistance to heat stresses, corrosion, metal fatigue and distortion. With decades of experience, we are able to deliver custom tailored solutions, configured to your specific size and application requirements.

Each damper is engineered to fit your needs, ensuring maximum reliability and durability during harsh and abrasive environment conditions, with features that include drive options such as electric, pneumatic or hydraulic, multiple seal options, and quality construction materials for long service life.



  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Premium quality construction materials for severe environment conditions and a long service life



  • Sizes range from 2” to 120”+ diameters
  • Seal options include tadpole seal, bar stop and elastomeric seals
  • Electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic actuation with fail safe configurations
  • Optional blade designs include simple blades, structural blades, thermally compensating blades and profiled blades
  • Applications where heat retention is necessary, blades can be insulated
  • Internal refractory/ceramic wool linings available for high temperature applications
Butterfly Dampers | Wafer Dampers
Butterfly Dampers | Wafer Dampers