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With more than 40 years of experience, our Strobic Air Technologies brand is a recognized technological leader in the air movement industry, specializing in technologically-advanced exhaust systems for laboratory fume hoods in university, public health, government, chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial, and other process industries.

Strobic Air Technologies’ award-winning, flagship Tri-Stack® laboratory fume hood and process exhaust systems meet requirements of ANSI Z9.5 (2003), American National Standard for Laboratory Ventilation. The Tri-Stack systems are available for single exhaust or manifold systems on a common plenum up to 240,000 cfm, and they offer virtually maintenance-free, continuous operation. Unsightly tall stacks, with associated expensive mounting hardware and guy wires are eliminated.

Our Tri-Stack system can be paired with the Tri-Stack Smart System Controller to provide energy savings, remote monitoring and decreased noise levels. In addition, our Mono-Stack Direct-Drive Roof Exhaust system offers the same quality and dependability of the Tri-Stack, but for smaller, non-critical application needs.


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