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Governance at CECO starts with the tone set at the top by our leaders and board of directors for ethical behavior and being successful in the right way.


Every employee signs an acknowledgment to adhere to CECO’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.




Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

We maintain a high-integrity culture and a priority on employee health and well-being in a number of ways. A centerpiece of our culture is the CECO Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. It is provided to every employee and serves as a guideline for inclusion, respect, ethical conduct, and other expectations along with links to company policies. Employees must sign an acknowledgement to adhere to the conduct on an annual basis.


Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

CECO has an exceptionally diverse employee base in our eleven locations around the world as well as those who regularly work with our customers at their locations. We believe our differences contributes to our success and development of best-in-class solutions.


Meeting Regulatory Commitments

CECO’s management team dedicates resources necessary to ensure data security, and to meet or exceed regulations that guide our business practices around the world. We provide training and guidelines that help employees understand and learn to recognize cyber security phishing attempts, US and in-country regulations, as well as other critical skills to ensure business integrity and continuity.



ESG Report To Be Published Soon