At ceco



CECO is a multinational company with 25 locations across more than a dozen U.S. states and seven countries supporting a global customer base. We bring together people of various backgrounds, ages, nationalities and geographies. Our people are our biggest asset, and we believe that our high-integrity culture and talented employees drive our success. Their knowledge and skills are crucial to providing consistent quality solutions and an excellent customer experience, and we can only ensure the continuous growth and improvement of our company by ensuring their well-being, safety and professional growth.


We celebrate success, prioritize safety, promote health and wellness, and we support each other. It’s a high-energy, fast-paced environment, and we like to have fun, too. With offices and manufacturing plants around the world, we have a well-connected network that is global in nature, yet respects local culture, from our headquarters in Dallas, Texas, to our regional office in Nunspeet, Netherlands, to our manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China. We embrace diversity, encourage collaboration and respect one another. No matter where we are, we’re ONE CECO.


CECO fosters a healthy work environment and lifestyle through initiatives that help employees live healthier lives and provides tools for best work practices. Wellness programs include partnerships with organizations like the American Heart Association, virtual health fairs focusing on mental well-being and physical health, and value-added offerings through company benefits. We’re committed to providing a good work-life balance. Many of our office employees have the ability to work remotely or hybrid with a few days a week in-office.


To continually grow as a company and drive innovation and operational excellence, we strive to identify, attract, retain and motivate world-class talent. We believe that CECO is only as good as its people, which inspires us to invest in our employees and help them succeed in their careers. Our teams grow, lead and innovate through opportunities to develop and expand their skills and expertise while achieving their career goals. We believe that investing in our employees today will help us excel as an organization in the future. We offer several employee development initiatives, which provide employees and leaders with the tools and skills they need to succeed and advance both personally and professionally.

LinkedIn Learning

We offer unlimited access to a full catalog of training offered by LinkedIn Learning, which allows employees to enhance their skill sets and knowledge. Every CECO employee is given a learning roadmap and goals that relate to their job function.

Manager Essentials Training

This program trains on the most critical topics, skills and competencies essential for current managers to be effective in their roles. Our employees hone their management skills by learning to identify personal management styles, values and expectations. There is also strong emphasis placed on team performance objectives and workplace practices that promote a customer-centric mindset.


Leadership Essentials

For more experienced leaders within CECO, we offer custom Leadership Essentials training, a week-long program that builds upon management skills for leadership, strategy development and performance improvement.

Executive Leadership Development
CECO works with ExecOnline, which partners with leading universities across the United States to offer accredited synchronous and a-synchronous learning executive certificate programs so executives can develop on their own time the mission, vision, cultural goals and other leadership skills that define CECO.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

As a global diversified environmental company, diversity, equity and inclusion are vital and serve as the key to our overall success. We want all employees to feel accepted, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, beliefs or culture. We recognize that having a diverse team of employees helps make us innovative, collaborative and a great place to work. Our goal is to enable our global talent — at every level — to achieve its full potential.