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Wet Packed Bed Scrubber System, Horizontal

Scrubbers are used for gaseous and particulate control, by means of utilizing water, or other liquid, to remove pollutants from an exhaust stream.

The HEE-Duall brand Wet Packed Bed Scrubber System comes in two efficient and distinct designs: vertical and horizontal. Each of our design configurations provide a reliable and practical means of removing acidic and caustic mists and gases from corrosive exhaust streams.

With years of delivering high quality and reliable scrubbers, we can custom design our packages to fit your needs for specialty applications.


  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Maximum efficiency and minimum pressure loss
  • Floorspace savings


  • Capacities up to 100,000 CFM
  • Low profile design
  • Cross flow
  • Slightly lower pressure drop
  • Integral sump and pump box design
  • Ease of maintenance

HEE-Duall Wet Packed Bed Scrubber System, Horizontal

For almost five decades, the CECO HEE-Duall brand has been an international leader in the design and delivery of purification products. We create high-tech equipment for dealing with hazardous and volatile exhaust compounds for a broad range of industries. Our product suite include everything needed to manage the collection, handling, and control of corrosive airstreams, gases, and mists. Our wet scrubbers provide superior performance for removing harmful particles from industrial exhaust streams that can damage both equipment and the environment. When you purify with HEE-Duall, you can be confident that you are effectively and efficiently cleansing emissions.

Along with superior craftsmanship, we offer custom-designed systems to meet your unique needs, no matter the size or scope. Our products are flexible and capable enough to handle a huge range of jobs. Choose from our diverse line to find the equipment that is right for your application, and we will be with you each step of the way. Our expert staff offers unmatched expertise in every aspect of the purification process, and our customer service sets the standard for the industry. Choosing the right purification equipment for your company is an important decision. When you choose HEE-Duall, the choice is easy. Select the most advanced, most reliable, and most carefully crafted equipment in the industry. Choose HEE-Duall.