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VTS Venturi Scrubber

Scrubbers are used for gaseous and particulate control, by means of utilizing water, or other liquid, to remove pollutants from an exhaust stream. 

With Venturi scrubbers, the dirty gas entering a scrubber is forced at high velocity through a Venturi where it collides with scrubbing water. The tiny water droplets capture particles through impaction and diffusion. The dirty water is then removed in a cyclonic separator and discharged into a recycle tank. Some of the liquid is continuously purged to limit the solids concentration and allow recirculation back to the Venturi section.

The Fisher-Klosterman Emtrol brand VTS Venturi Scrubber is engineered to handle the most difficult of scrubbing applications. Our designs are made to prevent wear and accommodate a high solids concentration – ensuring maximum performance and reliability.


  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Maximum efficiency with innovative compact cyclonic separator
  • Low plant space utilization – saving valuable plant space


  • Open pipe liquid introduction, a vertical throat and a flooded elbow inlet
  • Compact cyclonic separator enables the use of a more compact scrubbing system, with a velocity of up to twice that of traditional designs

VTS Venturi Scrubber from Fisher-Klosterman

CECO’s Fisher-Klosterman has designed and manufactured custom-made air pollution machinery for almost seven decades. Fisher-Klosterman solutions provide efficient air pollution control and product recovery equipment built for a variety of applications and thrive in situations where other hardware struggles. Our products perform at peak capability, even in severe conditions, high temperatures and extreme pressures. Created using innovative design technologies, our products are specifically developed for handling erosive particles and corrosive gases.

To clear pollutants from any exhaust stream, Fisher-Klosterman manufactures high-efficiency and ultra-high efficiency Industrial Cyclone and Venturi scrubbers. Engineers on staff with Fisher-Klosterman are certified to evaluate your current pollution management equipment and to troubleshoot issues, even if another manufacturer built your equipment. From beginning to end, we are committed to providing you with exceptional equipment and exemplary customer service as we have led the industry for the better part of a century. When it has to work without flaws and without fail, it has to be Fisher-Klosterman.