Strip Blow-Off Systems

Strip Blow-Off Systems

Busch Jet*Star Blow-Off Systems are designed to effectively remove standing liquid from the top side of flat moving surfaces such as metal strips, glass, laminates or plastics. Our system utilizes the patented Jet*star nozzle to provide an intensive, yet uniform “air plow” to disengage and blow off surface liquid.

The Jet*Star blow-off system is an independent air supply system that does not rely on compressed air, ensuring easy operation, energy efficiency, and maximum performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Energy-efficient, utilizing less horsepower than conventional units
  • Maximum efficiency
  • High reliability – it can be located further away from the strip, reducing the possibility of damage from strip impact to near zero
  • Supply air fan with motor
  • Jet*Star Nozzle guards
  • Support legs
  • General arrangement drawings

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