The Flex-Kleen SmartTimer™ is an automated dust collector controller with pulse-on-demand capabilities and a compact design that can be retrofitted to any pulse-jet dust collector including cartridge collectors.

Each SmartTimer is designed to provide up to 80% savings in compressed air costs for more efficient and cost-effective dust collector operations. Our enhanced design delivers optimal efficiency and performance, plus remote monitoring and data reporting.

Flex-Kleen, beginning in 1959, has become a global innovator of products to help companies with emission control. Around the world, companies use Flex-Kleen technology to recover valuable product, control dust, and manage pollution. Our passion drives our success. As we pour our hearts and minds into building the newest and most reliable air control products for our customers, it shows. Let Flex-Kleen help you find the perfect solution to your emission control problems.

Because of their confidence in our engineering and manufactured products to fill their needs, Flex-Kleen systems are found in some of the world’s cutting-edge companies. From conception and creation to completion, we develop products to help your business flourish. And our people are every bit as dependable as our products. Call on Flex-Kleen to install and maintain your dust collection system today so you can focus on achieving peak production and maximum profitability. Let Flex-Kleen become a partner in your company’s success.

Features & Benefits

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Lower maintenance costs and increased life cycles for dust collector
  • Energy cost savings as a result of lower compressed air usage
  • Compact microprocessor-based control
  • 8 character alphanumeric display
  • 10 solenoid output contacts allow operation of up to 60 solenoid valves
  • 3 separate cleaning modes: Continuous Cleaning, Pulse on Demand, Self-Adjusting
  • Remote monitoring of auxiliary sensors with 3 auxiliary alarm inputs
  • Adjustable high/low/unattainable pressure alarms

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