Rolling Mill Fume Exhaust PPS (Progressive Purification Systems)

Rolling Mill Fume Exhaust PPS (Progressive Purification Systems)
High Efficiency to Meet Stringent Regulations

The Busch Progressive Purification Systems (PPS) were developed specifically to meet the increasingly stringent PM 10 and PM 2.5 environmental regulations.

The quantity and particle size of liquid mist generated from rolling mills are a function of many variables including coolant type, coolant flow rate, metal temperature, strip speeds, and saturation dew point. Rolling Mills have several mist generation mechanisms, such as hydraulic pressure sprays and surface boiling followed by condensation. For this reason, the size and character of liquid particulate vary from mill to mill.

Busch PPS high-performance mist elimination systems utilize multiple stages of mist separation technologies to achieve the lowest maintenance and highest possible collection efficiency. The PPS units employ cleanable and/or disposable media types depending on the application and rolling coolant used. This system is primarily used for water or water/oil-based emulsion coolants.

The PPS eliminator mechanically removes and drains liquid particulate using several mechanisms. Mists are removed by inertial impaction, direct interception, and Brownian capture depending on the droplet diameter and liquid density. The PPS units can provide removal of liquid particulate down to below 1 micron. CECO Busch PPS mist elimination systems offer maximum collection efficiency and visible opacity control.

Accessories and Options
  • Support steel and platforms
  • Duct and transitions
  • Condensing coils for removal of EPA 202 Condensable Particulate Matter (CPM)
  • Drainage units
  • Alternate paint systems
  • Special gasket material
  • Volume control and CO2 containment dampers

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