Pickle Line Fume Exhaust

Pickle Line Fume Exhaust


Modern steel mill pickle lines utilize Hydrochloric Acid to clean the surface of the steel sheet. Acid mist and fumes are generated during this process.

Busch, and our sister firm HEE-Duall, provide complete fume scrubbing systems to capture and neutralize this acid fume. Our systems begin at flanged connections to the pickle line tank covers. A fiberglass duct connects the tank covers to the scrubber and fan, which exhausts to the outdoors by means of an exhaust stack.

The Pickle Line Scrubber is a counter current packed bed scrubber consisting of packed tower complete with flanged horizontal radial gas inlet, glass-filled polypropylene random packing. This allows for excellent mass transfer resulting in high efficiency capture of HCl fume at a minimum pressure drop.

  • The scrubber housing incorporates a vertical or horizontal outlet flange to facilitate installation in limited space.
  • The packing is irrigated by internal piping and liquid distribution system.
  • HCl is scrubbed by using a re-circulation wash water solution from integral self-contained re-circulation tank at the bottom of the scrubber.
  • Blow-down from the re-circulation system serves as make-up water to the pickle line.

We deliver top-performing mist eliminators with optional internal spray piping and spray nozzle to intermittently wash the underside of the mist eliminator, triggered by either high-pressure differential or on a timed sequence.

The cleaned gas from the scrubber is sent to a System ID fan via an interconnecting duct and then to the stack. Click here to download our Steel Brochure.

Note: Acid storage tank vents may also be connected to the system.

Materials of Construction:
  • Scrubber Vessel – FRP or PVC
  • Random Packing – Glass filled Polypropylene
  • Internal Piping and Liquid distribution system – CPVC

Features & Benefits

Busch Instrumentation, Piping and Pump Features

  • Two (2): Differential Pressure Indicator Gauges for measuring ΔP across Packing and Mist Eliminator
  • One (1): Pressure Indicator Gauge for measuring scrubbing liquid pressure
  • Three (3): flow meters (rotameter type)
  • One (1): set of level control switches for integral re-circulation tank
  • One (1): Automatic wash timer will be included to clean mist eliminators
  • One (1): Control Panel, Ethernet control module, I/O module
  • One (1): Lot Interconnecting piping in PVC (within the battery limit)
  • Two (2): Re-circulation Pumps (1 operating/1 standby) made out of FRP
  • The interconnecting duct between scrubber and Fan: Fabricated with PVR or FRP to run from scrubber outlet to fan inlet.
  • Centrifugal Fan: One (1) ID Fan with heavy-duty TEFC motor
  • Stack and Transition: One (1) FRP stack. The stack is provided with a Stack Skimmer™ to reduce liquid discharge from condensation on the stack wall. A wind support brace is required by others at the roof penetration point if applicable. If not available, Guy wire wind braces can be used.
  • Field Measurement Services (Included): One day on-site including all expenses is included
  • System Arrangement Drawings for Approval (Included)

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