Our Sethco Magnetic Drive Self-Priming Pumps are precision designed to meet the demands of a wide range of OEM (Original equipment manufacturers), chemical and industrial applications. These pumps can be used for highly corrosive or mild chemicals, acids, or solvents. Their simple efficient design provides reliable, trouble-free performance and easy maintenance.

Sethco manufactures top-quality pumps for a wide variety of uses in multiple industries. For managing corrosive and hazardous chemicals found in the metal finishing and electronics industries, experts consider Sethco pumps to be efficient, safe, and dependable from the day they are installed. Sethco is the industry standard for dependability.

Sethco pumps have an outstanding global reputation. Our powerful pumps have you covered for transporting or dispensing high temperature liquids, acids, brines, bleaches, caustics, seawater, or any other dangerous liquid. Sethco Magnetic Drive Self-Priming Pumps meet the demands of a variety of OEM applications. They provide reliable, worry-free performance making them the pumps petrochemical, metal finishing, wastewater treatment, desalination, and aquarium businesses all over the world trust. If it travels through a Sethco pump, it exits when and where you say it should.

Contact with hazardous chemicals or liquids can harm or injure your workforce. Operating substandard pumps to help you transport such substances can increase that danger; it is not worth the risk. Trust your workers’ safety and your peace of mind to Sethco pumps. Our experienced staff will be there to help you through any concerns. By employing quality people, Sethco makes quality products. Let Sethco become a valuable part of your business today.

Features & Benefits

  • Capacities to 230 GPM (52 m3/hr)
  • Heads to 93 feet (28 m)
  • Motors to 10 hp (7.5 kw)
  • Temperatures to 210°F (99°C)
  • Stainless steel exterior hardware
  • TEFC motors
  • One-piece stationary ceramic shaft
  • Carbon or silicon carbide bearings
  • Two-piece impeller design
  • Optional FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer) baseplates
  • Replaceable integral basket strainer
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Sealless design – magnetic drive
  • Two-piece impeller design for high volume circulation and leak-proof operation
  • High strength molded one piece casing and rare earth magnets
  • Easy maintenance
  • Acids
  • Bleaches
  • Caustics
  • Chemical Transfer
  • Cleaning/Mixing
  • Filtration
  • Ideal for OEMs (Original equipment manufacturers)
  • Processing
  • Recirculation
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Scrubber
  • Seawater
  • Solvents
  • Wastewater
  • Agricultural/Aquariums

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