Liquid-Liquid Coalescer

Liquid-Liquid Coalescer

The Peerless Liquid-Liquid Coalescer is a single stage device, which flows inside to out as the first stage and outside to in through the second stage, through a high surface area pleated medium.

The aqueous (continuous) phase enters the coalescing element and flows inside-to-outside.

The coalescing elements are made of Borosilicate Glass media comprising inorganic microfibers supported by polymeric supports in a spatially locked pore configuration with advanced separator layers to maximize droplet formation and disengagement. Small liquid droplets suspended in the continuous phase come together, or coalesce, as the mixture moves through the coalescer medium.

Contaminant-free liquid and large droplets of the dispersed phase flow toward the Separator Cartridges located next to the coalescer stage. Separator elements are made of Silicone-based media comprising organic microfibers in a spatially locked pore configuration to maximize water rejection.

The flow direction is outside to inside the coalescing element. The separator medium is hydrophobic preventing the aqueous/continuous phase from entering the separator. Only the non-aqueous continuous phase fluid flows through the separator. The two liquids are removed by separate drain connections.

Process Description

The basic principle comprises droplet capture and growth, and once the aqueous droplets are sufficiently large, they can be effectively rejected by a hydrophobic medium. The two-stage separator essentially skews conventional settling calculations by using advanced media technology to grow and separate the emulsified droplets.

Our Services:
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Features & Benefits

Technology Advantage:

  • Meets stringent performance guarantee requirement
  • Longer design life of cartridges
  • Compact footprint
  • Diesel Coalescing
  • NGL/Condensate Coalescing
  • Gasoline Coalescing
  • Produced Water Treatment

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