Liquid Filter

Liquid Filter

The Peerless Liquid Filter is a single stage device, which flows outside to in, through a high surface area pleated medium. The filter can be oriented horizontally or vertically. The liquid flow enters the chamber in which the elements reside. The dirt accumulates on the outside, and the clean fluid passes through the central bore of the element and out, into the second chamber and out of the vessel.

The elements are optimized to maximize contaminant holding capacity within any given vessel diameter. The elements are ergonomic, with a handle at one end, and even when spent, can be removed by a single operator. Each element has a positive O-ring seal that is intended to prevent bypass even when installed in difficult conditions. The elements comprise “beta-rated” media, which offer reliable efficiency throughout its life.

Special designs are available that contain no metal componentry, which may be advantageous in high salinity applications.

Principle of Operation

As the liquid flows through the media, the solid contaminants in the fluid are trapped on the surface and within the depth of the media. The media is specifically formulated into a matrix that can withstand significant differential pressure. As the contaminants are captured, the resistance to flow increases, as evidenced by the differential pressure. The media comprises an axially pleated configuration, with high surface area, resting on an inner central liner.

The clean fluid flows radially into the central liner and then axially to the second chamber and then out of the vessel.

Features & Benefits

Elements are available, rated for 5–50-micron removal, at 99.9%+ removal efficiencies.

The materials of construction comprise cellulose media, nylon endcaps, buna O-rings and a central corrosion resistant steel liner. Options with alternative materials for O-rings and internal liners are available.

  • Amine Treating
  • Produced Water
  • Raw Water
  • Condensate Stabilizers
  • Glycol
  • Refining and Petrochemical

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