Gas Turbine Internal Insulation

Gas Turbine Internal Insulation


Our Aarding brand Gas Turbine Internal Insulation designs are engineered to deliver maximum performance, durability and reliability based on the latest operational requirements and newest materials. In our cold casing design, the insulation system is fitted to the casing interior using a custom-designed support system. The protective sheeting in our gas turbine insulation is engineered to be the most economical and effective insulation thickness from the cold outer casing wall by studs, nuts, and washers, enabling free thermal expansion of the metal sheeting in relation to the outer casing wall.

Through years of experience, we have engineered our internal insulation designs for optimal performance, operating costs and maintenance, delivering an efficient solution to fit your application needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Easy maintenance
  • High reliability and long life
  • Options include higher temperature operation as a result of gas turbine upgrade or installation of additional burner systems
  • Sectional design of internal insulation optimized field joint designs
  • Lower exterior duct/casing temperatures
  • Minimized external duct movement, resulting in longer duct life and less strain on flexible joints and elbows
  • Eliminating or reducing external duct sliding connections and applying cold design
  • Natural Gas Transmission
  • LNG Production
  • Natural Gas

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