Fume and Gas Wet Scrubbers

Fume and Gas Wet Scrubbers


Scrubbers are used for gaseous and particulate control, by means of utilizing water, or other liquid, to remove pollutants from an exhaust stream.

The HEE-Duall brand Fume and Gas Wet Scrubbers are custom engineered for quality and designed for most industrial air pollution applications, including scrubbing ammonia gas, chlorine gas and hydrochloric acid (HCL). They are especially effective on water-soluble fumes and odors.

For nearly half a century, the HEE-Duall brand has been a global leader in the design and supply of purification products. Our state-of-the-art technologies manage hazardous and volatile exhaust compounds for a range of industries. With a diverse line of merchandise, we provide everything needed to deal with the collection, handling, and control of corrosive airstreams, gases, mists, and vapors. Our wet scrubbers are unsurpassed at removing harmful particles from industrial exhaust streams that can damage equipment and the environment. When you purify with HEE-Duall, you can trust that your emissions are cleansed thoroughly and efficiently.

HEE-Duall offers superior craftsmanship and custom-designed solutions to meet your particular needs, no matter the size or scope. Our products are versatile and capable enough to manage a huge variety of jobs. Choose from our diverse line to find the equipment that is right for you; we will be here to help you each step of the way. Our professional staff offers unmatched knowledge in all aspects of the purification process, and our customer service is the industry gold standard. Choosing the right purification solution for your company is an important decision. But when you choose HEE-Duall, the choice is simple. Choose the most advanced, reliable, and carefully built equipment in the industry.

Features & Benefits

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Long life and high value – Premium materials and quality thermoplastic construction for maximum corrosion resistance, plus UV-resistant PVC, polypropylene and polyethylene available for all outdoor installations
  • High integrity – Professionally Engineered certified for long-term structural integrity and hydrostatically tested at factory
  • Hot gas and extrusion welded construction per AWS Gl.10 standards
  • Heavy duty, leak resistant, bolt-on doors
  • Full cone spray nozzles
  • PVC or CPVC Schedule 80 piping
  • Full union PVC or CPVC ball valves
  • Sealless vertical pumps (factory mounted)
  • Packing removal door
  • Differential pressure gauge
  • Fresh water flow meter
  • Heavy-duty flanges
  • Heavy-duty scrubber bottom
  • Integral coated steel base
  • Stainless steel hardware

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