FCC Cyclones – Regenerator

FCC Cyclones – Regenerator


Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units (FCC Cyclones) are the principal technologies that enable the critical process within heavy oil refining of converting the heavy oils into more valuable gasoline and lighter products. More than half of the refinery’s heavy petroleum is processed through the FCC Cyclones, and the FCC Cyclones are also an important source of butene and pentene olefins used in refinery processes.

Our Emtrol-Buell brand has supplied more FCC Cyclones to refineries and petrochemical plants worldwide than any other supplier, so our experience in this area is unequaled. Our FCC Cyclones are designed to enhance separation efficiency, accommodate increased catalyst loading, and are tailored to meet the application needs of refineries and petrochemical plants.

We custom-engineer the following products at the highest quality:

  • FCC Cyclones – Patented Beam Hanger Support System
  • FCC Cyclones – Reactor
  • FCC Cyclones – Regenerator
  • FCC Cyclones – Third Stage Separator Systems
  • FCC Cyclones – Fourth Stage & Catalyst Hopper Cyclones
FCC Cyclones – Regenerator

Regenerator Cyclones are used to separate catalyst from flue gas created when the carbon or coke is burned with air from the FCC catalyst. They are designed to withstand very abrasive service at a temperature of 1,450 degrees F.

Emtrol-Buell has blazed the path as industry leader for over 120 years by providing reliable, cutting-edge refining equipment. Companies that choose Emtrol-Buell FCC Cyclone solutions to process heavy petroleum are choosing meticulously crafted hardware that performs better than anything else on the market. We use highly advanced engineering techniques to build processing equipment able to run for years without maintenance. This attention to detail and quality means that we can ensure the integrity of a critical piece of the petroleum refining process.

With the long list of inherent issues that can slow or stop the oil refining process, it is crucial that your equipment perform to exacting standards and that demands the industry’s best, most advanced systems. The industry leader in building celebrated, custom-designed Cyclone system, Emtrol-Buell supplies equipment to refineries and petrochemical plants all over the world.

We builds first-class FCC Cyclone models for each and every step of refining so your company can put superior technology in place start to finish. Our FCC Cyclone Regenerator is a prime example. We can design and manufacture custom hardware perfectly suited to your specific requirements. Our equipment and products lines are ideal systems for any and all refineries. When it’s time to select equipment for your refinery’s equipment needs, go with the industry leader who provides more FCC Cyclone units to refineries and plants than any other company. You should be proud of the equipment you use. Choose Emtrol-Buell.

Features & Benefits

  • Enhanced aspect ratio of the cyclone inlet
  • New crossover duct design
  • Minimized use of edge bars in the refractory linings
  • Standard or complex designs
  • Dust hopper and lined dipleg stub designs that enhance catalyst discharge while decreasing erosion effects
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Maximum performance and efficiency
  • High reliability
  • Enhanced to increase separation efficiency
  • Premium quality material construction to withstand severe operating conditions

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