FCC Cyclones – Beam Hanger Support System

FCC Cyclones – Beam Hanger Support System


Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units (FCC Cyclones) are the principal technologies that enable the critical process within heavy oil refining of converting the heavy oils into more valuable gasoline and lighter products. More than half of the refinery’s heavy petroleum is processed through the FCC Cyclones, and the FCC Cyclones are also an important source of butene and pentene olefins used in refinery processes.

Our Emtrol-Buell brand has supplied more FCC Cyclones to refineries and petrochemical plants worldwide than any other supplier, so our experience in this area is unequaled. Our FCC Cyclones are designed to enhance separation efficiency, accommodate increased catalyst loading, and are tailored to meet the application needs of refineries and petrochemical plants.

We custom-engineer the following products at the highest quality:

  • FCC Cyclones – Beam Hanger Support System
  • FCC Cyclones – Reactor
  • FCC Cyclones – Regenerator
  • FCC Cyclones – Third Stage Separator Systems
  • FCC Cyclones – Fourth Stage & Catalyst Hopper Cyclones

In 1974, we introduced our exclusive Beam Hanger Support System for use in FCC applications.  It markedly reduces field costs and turnaround time, and our system has become the most successfully applied method for support of cyclones in “large diameter” FCC regenerators.

All regenerator internal cyclones systems must be supported in a manner that accommodates the differential thermal expansion that exists between the relatively cold vessel, which supports all vessel internals, and the cyclone system, which is exposed to a much greater temperature.

Our exclusive system utilizes an array of horizontally oriented beams, which extend from the plenum skirt toward the vessel head and from which both the first and second-stage cyclones are supported.  The ends of the beams supported by the plenum skirt are pinned to lugs fixed to the plenum skirt.

FCC Cyclone Beam Hanger Support by Emtrol-Buell

Emtrol-Buell has crafted reliable, highly advanced refining equipment for over 120 years. Facilities using Emtrol-Buell FCC Cyclone systems process heavy petroleum that utilizes our painstakingly crafted hardware that exceeds everything else on the market today. We employ state-of-the-art engineering to create processing equipment able to operate for years without maintenance. This attention to detail means our Beam Hanger Support System can reduce turnaround time and field costs and ensure the dependability of your FCC Cyclone, a crucial component in the petroleum refining process.

You need innovative technology to make oil refining safe and reliable. With the variety of potential problems that can interrupt the refining process, it is vital that your facility meets the many demanding standards required and employs the most innovative solutions in the industry. You must demand the best in the industry. Emtrol-Buell supplies trustworthy, custom-designed Cyclone systems to refineries and petrochemical plants worldwide.

For every stage of refining, we produce superior FCC Cyclone models so your refinery can use exemplary engineering technology from start to finish. Our customized solutions are ideally suited to your specific situation. We have the perfect equipment for your refinery. Choose a brand for your refinery’s equipment that supplies more FCC Cyclone units to refineries and plants than any other company. You should be proud of the equipment you use. Choose Emtrol-Buell.

Features & Benefits

  • Cyclones are directly supported from the beam system by hanger straps/rods which remain vertical throughout the operating cyclones
  • The outboard ends are supported by pin-connected links attached to vessel head support lugs
  • The pin-connected links are free to move when the beams increase or decrease in length due to thermal expansion/contraction
  • Eliminates horizontal force components on the cyclones
  • Compensates for the thermal growth difference between the high temperature cyclones systems and the much lower temperature vessel
  • The beam remains virtually horizontal at all times, and is growing in unison with the cyclone(s) it is supporting
  • Always provides an expansion-balanced situation without inducing excessive stresses in any components due to thermal expansion
  • Remains in expansion balance during over-temperature excursions, thereby markedly reducing the potential for severe damage in the event of such excursions

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