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Mefiag Filtration
Polypropylene Electroplating Filter Systems

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PP Series – Polypropylene Electroplating Filter Systems - 0310/0620/0640 PP Series

Our smallest CECO Mefiag brand Polypropylene Electroplating Filter Systems feature horizontal disc technology and capacities from 600 to 1,600 gph.



  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Horizontal disc technology for greater surface area and maximum efficiency



  • Designed for the filtration of nickel, copper and zinc electrolytes
  • Operating temperature to 180°F
  • For plating tanks from 200 to approximately 400 gallons depending on the type of process
  • Can be supplied with horizontal discs or cartridges depending on the application


CECO Mefiag PP Series – Polypropylene Electroplating Filter Systems - 0310/0620/0640 PP Series

Since its creation in 1953, CECO Mefiag has gained recognition as a global leader in the development, manufacture, and distribution of superior filter solutions. Our advanced filtration and pump solutions exceed expectations in the metal finishing, plating, and anodizing industries. Our products outshine the competition in the most arduous conditions. When the project is hard, Mefiag filters work harder. 

Mefiag manufactures the most versatile products on the market. Along with our electroplating filtration solutions, our products are used in countless industries worldwide to separate and dispose of harmful substances. As our expertise has grown, one thing has never changed: our unwavering dedication to crafting reliable, efficient products for our clients. Choosing a Mefiag filtration system for your business means you are choosing peace of mind. 

We are proud of Mefiag’s heritage. From day one, we have been committed to providing outstanding products for outstanding people. If you work for excellence as hard as we do, then you can rely on Mefiag to bring your company the dependability and distinction it deserves. For the optimum filtration solution, choose Mefiag.


过滤机0310 / 0645系列



  • 操作温度可达80°C
  • 适用于镀槽容量1000至2500升的槽液过滤
  • 过滤面积可达1.4m2,最大污物承载量约5.6升
  • 活性碳处理量约0.4~0.8KG,或可选用活性碳过滤纸
  • 该系列可选配机械泵、磁力泵或潜水泵
  • 可配备过滤盘或过滤芯,并且两者可互换。
  • 连接方式灵活,可选用活接或者法兰连接