We know that the job hunt can be exhausting. That’s why we want to be transparent about our process so you know what you can expect with each step of your journey when you apply for a job with CECO. We want you to feel good about your experience, so here’s what you can expect.


Once you’ve found a job that you feel is a great fit and you’ve submitted your application, it will go into review with a recruiter or talent acquisition specialist. Should your skills and experience be a good match to the job requirements, you will be contacted for an initial phone screening. If you do not hear from us, you were not selected as a candidate. Timelines may vary depending on the job and number of applicants.

This is an opportunity to learn more about you, your experience and why you’re interested in the position, and we’ll share more detail on the role and responsibilities. We may also follow-up with skills-based assessments, depending on the position. It’s not just your opportunity to make a good first impression, but ours, too! If the recruiter feels you’d be a great fit, we move on to formal interviews. You will hear from us if you’ve been selected for the next step.

You’ll speak with the hiring manager, either as a video call or by phone. You’ll learn more about how the role fits within the department, expectations of the job, the workplace culture and who you could be working with day to day. This is the important “get to know you” interview, so be prepared to share your successes and how you can apply your skills and experience at CECO.

Most formal interviews will be video calls, but some jobs may require an in-person interview. You will meet with several key team members, including people who would work closely with you, as well as the hiring manager. We go deeper into your background, skills and experience, learn more about your work style, and focus on areas such as problem-solving, interpersonal skills and thought processes. You can expect to interview with 3-5 people, depending on the role. If you’re selected as a finalist, you’ll be contacted to move on to final interviews. 

This is the home stretch! At this point, we really like you and hopefully, you really like us. We’ve narrowed it down to a few candidates, and this is the opportunity for you and CECO to each decide the direction we take. Usually, this interview is a follow-up with the hiring manager. We’ll ask you to expand on areas of interest from prior interviews, and this will be your opportunity to ask us any final questions you have.

Congratulations, you’ve been selected! A recruiter will call you to inform you of the news and will go over the job title, compensation, benefits and any other important information. You will receive an offer letter confirming the details in writing. Employment is contingent upon completing the background check.

Once you’ve accepted the offer and before your first day, the hiring manager will get started on setting you up so you can be ready to go on day one. You’ll receive an onboarding schedule that includes meetings with employees and required training courses, as well as any information you need to know such as dress code, parking and policies.


  • You will have informative and engaging interviews that set the expectations on the outset.
  • We will provide details on interview schedules, locations and a point of contact so you know where you need to be and when.
  • You will know where you stand during the interview process.
  • We constantly seek ways to improve, so we will welcome any feedback on your experience.