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Filter Bags

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Our CECO Mefiag brand Filter Bags are constructed of high strength polypropylene felt. Bags can be cleaned and reused, and are sized for a specific Sethco chamber.


CECO Mefiag Filter Bags

Since its introduction in 1953, CECO Mefiag has dominated the global market in the development, creation, and distribution of world-class filter solutions. Our filtration and pump solutions raise the bar in the anodizing, metal finishing, and plating industries. Our products shine in the most extreme conditions. When the work is hard, Mefiag filters will work harder. 

Mefiag boasts the most versatile products and systems on the market. Alongside our filtration solutions for electroplating, our pumps and filters can be found in a variety of industries around the world. Companies have confidence in our products to filter and dispose of harmful material. Our expertise has expanded over the decades, but one thing has consistently prevailed: our steadfast commitment to producing products for our clients that are reliable and efficient. You can rest assured that when you choose a Mefiag filtration system for your business, you are choosing peace of mind. 

At Mefiag, we take pride in our heritage. From our very beginning, we are committed to supplying the best products for the best people. If you strive for excellence as intensely as we do, then trust Mefiag for bringing your company the dependability and quality it deserves. For the optimum filtration solution, choose Mefiag.


  • Sized for specific chamber dimensions



  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Maximum service life - reusable design
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Sanitary
  • Plating
  • Anodizing
  • Metal Finishing
  • Labs
  • Small Plating Tanks