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Expansion Joints for Gas-Fired Power

Expansion joints are used to provide a point of flexibility in flue ducts, and to relieve stress caused by system movement. Our Peerless-Aarding brand Expansion Joints for Gas-Fired Power are designed with the latest advancements in engineering and materials technology, delivering high quality solutions to fit your specific application needs.

Our Expansion Joints for Gas-Fired Power are engineered for maximum reliability, applicable for a wide range of operating temperatures and pressures, and configured for optimal performance and durability. The Peerless-Aarding non-metallic Expansion Joints for Gas-Fired Power provide superior corrosion resistance, vibration reduction, and lower installation costs.



  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Flexible, custom designs
  • High-quality, corrosion-resistant construction materials



  • Standard or custom non-metallic designs – composite and elastomeric
  • Available configurations for broad range of operational temperatures and applications


Expansion Joints for Gas Fired Power Plants from Aarding

The Aarding brand designs custom and dynamic emissions management solutions such as expansion joints for natural gas power and petrochemical processing plants worldwide. With extensive resources and knowledge in the field, Aarding can apply unrivaled engineering expertise, design cutting-edge technology solutions, and build effective machinery that is unparalleled in the industry. Our operating history dates back to 1933. Aarding’s engineers draw upon that rich history of engineering expertise and track record to produce the finest equipment and provide exceptional maintenance.

Our air pollution management technology is designed to make your facility more efficient and safer, accurately measure your emissions, and reduce your impact on the environment. Our equipment meets the most stringent emission compliance requirements, no matter the scale or power required. Let us help you solve your emission issues with our industry leading standard line of emissions equipment, or design custom devices to suit the unique requirements of your facility. The professionals who install Aarding equipment take pride in providing our customers with solutions that are powerful, durable, and efficient. Choose Aarding for superior emission control.