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Blower Intake Silencer

A Blower Intake Silencers is used for atmospheric air intake and pressure discharge applications. Our Burgess-Aarding Blower Intake Silencer is designed to reduce the pulsations and noise associated with rotary lobe, screw, and helical screw type blowers.

Through decades of experience, we can design a solution to custom fit your specific needs and energy standards that operates with maximum performance and reliability. Our standard connection sizes range from 1” to 48”; plus, we offer a wide range of accessories to work with your silencer. 


  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • High-reliability, custom designed units to meet environmental standard requirements


  • Standard connection sizes range from 1” to 48″
  • Size 12” and below are stocked in several models
  • Model designs up to 40+ dB
  • Additional accessories include intake filters, mounting supports for vertical and horizontal installation, and flex connectors