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Living Earth Day Every Day

At CECO Environmental we take pride in helping our customers solve new challenges that helps protect our shared environment.

Visualize This – Clean Air

Air pollution, affects everyone. At CECO Environmental we have made it our mission to remove the many pollutants out of the air by providing safer, cleaner and more efficient solutions for the air we all breathe.

From Seven Million to None: Making Good Solutions Even Better

According to the British journal The Lancet, 16% of all deaths worldwide can be attributed to pollution. While there is more to be done, progress has been made to tackle the pollution challenges we face, such as Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (NOx emissions), wet and dry scrubbers, and others.

The Opportunity for a Cleaner, Safer, Healthier Shared Environment

Companies worldwide face increasing social pressure to improve operations and reduce pollutants. For CECO Environmental this means delivering technologies and solutions such as fiberglass specialty pumps, selective catalyst reduction (SCR) and gas turbine silencers to protect our shared environment.

Dust Collection Ductwork

Optimal dust collection ductwork allows air to be pulled from individual pieces of equipment at the velocity required, and it transports sufficient air volume to convey both relatively large particulate and very fine dust. The objective is to eliminate static pressure that can restrict air flow.

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