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TRIM-NOX® XL SCR Injection Module

With years of experience and knowledge, we have patented an innovative delivery, metering and injection system designed to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

Our CCA brand TRIM-NOX® XL SCR Injection Module automatically injects a urea or ammonia based reagent into the exhaust gas of fuel oil or natural gas boilers, furnaces, or turbines to reduce NOx emissions. Each module is engineered to optimize efficiency, performance and reliability, while meeting stringent environmental standards.


  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Time savings and easy installation with pre-assembled units
  • Optimal performance with precise computer controlled injection


  • 24V DC power; requires 110V for optional day tank heater and trasnfer pump
  • Capable of delivering up to 26 gph of 32% or 40% urea solution, or 19% aqua ammonia solution with three injectors
  • Uses Allen Bradley MicroLogix controller
  • Ethernet ready for field tie-in to plant DCS
  • Airless injector eliminates the need for compressed air
  • Outdoor operation upgrades available


TRIM-NOx SCR Injection from CCA

Since beginning in 1980, CECO CCA has become a global leader in combustion systems by maintaining the highest standards at every stage of its process. From engineering to installation, CCA provides the finest quality products for its clientele. With pride in manufacturing high-efficiency combustion systems CCA boasts exceptional performance and impressively low emissions. For a top-of-the-line combustion system that will keep your costs down and profits up, look to CCA. Our expert engineers focus on crafting specialized, powerful combustion solutions for diverse applications and environments. Our proprietary technology is the industry standard, and our staff brings decades of engineering and manufacturing expertise to the table when designing and building products like the TRIM-NOx SCR Injection systems.

Whatever you need, CCA can handle it. From creation to installation and maintenance, we are a one-stop shop for powerful combustion solutions. We manufacture cutting-edge solutions to keep you running in the black and your emissions flowing clear by creating the most productive, dependable combustion equipment in the world. Able to handle anything thrown at it, our equipment is versatile and powerful enough to get the job done. CCA’s exclusive technology reduces nitrogen oxide, particulate matter, unburned carbon, and carbon monoxide emissions to safe, appropriate levels for facilities worldwide. When it is time to look for the best combustion equipment in the industry, CCA provides the strongest line of equipment options to meet all your facility or application requirements.