Packed Bed Wet Scrubbers System

Packed Bed Wet Scrubbers System


Scrubbers are used for gaseous and particulate control, by means of utilizing water, or other liquid, to remove pollutants from an exhaust stream.

HEE-Duall brand pre-engineered and customized packed bed odor control scrubbers and systems are available to meet customer specific needs. Pre-engineered models include:

  • F Series horizontal “cross-flow” design and PT Series vertical “counter-current” design with capacities to >65,000 CFM
  • FW Series vertical scrubbers with integral fan and capacities to 17,500 CFM

We can design a customized system to meet even the strictest requirements. Major design criteria evaluated include:

  • Size of unit
  • Packings
  • Moisture extractor
  • Scrubbing liquid
  • Recycle rate
  • Material of constructions
HEE-Duall Packed Bed Scrubbers for Municipal and Industrial Odor Control

For almost five decades, the HEE-Duall brand has been recognized as a global leader in the configuration and fabrication of purification products. We create cutting-edge technology for the management of hazardous and volatile exhaust compounds for a wide range of industries. Our versatile line of merchandise includes everything needed for the collection, handling, and control of corrosive gases, mists, airstreams, and vapors. Our wet scrubbers excel at removing particulates that can be harmful to your equipment and surroundings from industrial exhaust streams. When you trust HEE-Duall products, you can be confident that your emissions are clean.

Along with excellent craftsmanship, HEE-Duall’s solutions can be custom-designed to meet your specific requirements, regardless of the size or scope. Our products are flexible and able to handle a wide variety of tasks. Choose from our expansive line to find the right equipment for your application, and we will stand beside you through every step of the process. Our expert team offers a thorough understanding of purification processes, and our customer service sets the standard for the industry. Choosing the right purification equipment for your company is not a simple decision. But when you choose HEE-Duall, the choice is easy. Choose the most advanced, most reliable, and most carefully crafted equipment in the industry.

Features & Benefits

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • On demand chemical addition minimizes operating costs
  • Offers the greatest design flexibility
  • Economically treats large volumes of process air with infinite turndown ratio, accommodating virtually all choices of chemistry
  • High mass transfer rates achieved in a relatively small equipment footprint
  • High liquid recirculation rates guarantee sufficient chemical is always available to absorb odors
  • Counter-current flow maximizes the driving force for absorption
  • Cross flow (horizontal) scrubbers are available to meet low profile requirements
  • Utilizes non-plugging spray nozzles and packing media
  • No solid waste disposal

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