Induced Gas Flotation

Induced Gas Flotation

Induced Gas Flotation Systems are used to remove oil and solids from produced water to ensure that it is safe for disposal and re-use. Based on design flow rate and footprint available, Peerless can offer

Vertical Compact Flotation Units or Horizontal Induced Gas Flotation Units.

Process Description

Eductor-Type Induced Gas Flotation

The water enters the unit through an inlet device and then flows down the length of the vessel through the four flotation cells. Each flotation cell is separated from the next by an underflow baffle, this baffle is designed to maintain uniform flow through the flotation cell.

The recycle stream is taken from treated water section of the IGF Unit using Recycle Pumps and pumped back to through the gas eductors. The flow of pressurized water through eductor suck gas from the Gas

Head Space within the IGF Unit and disperse the gas into the bulk fluid within the flotation cell. Each flotation cell contains a single Gas Eductor and a set of Gas Diffusers.

The entrained gas bubbles have the effect of floating oil droplets to the surface of the water where they form an unstable foam/scum layer on top of the liquid surface. The foam and oily water scum are removed by overflowing a weir into an oily water collection compartment.

Water leaving the final flotation cell passes around the under / overflow weir to the Buffer Water Section.

Once the two-phase liquid enters the cell the air (gas) is released as finely disseminated bubbles. In these conditions, the contaminating oil and/or solids adhere to the bubbles. This mass of rising bubbles in turn carries the contaminants to the surface where they are skimmed off. The flow through the unit is under flow, each cell being separated by a baffle which is open at the bottom. In operation, each cell removes 50% of the contaminants that enter each cell.

Features & Benefits

  • Removal of free oil-in-water to less than 15 ppm
  • Removal of fine solids
  • Unlimited turndown
  • Micro Gas Bubble Flotation
Product Application

Waste / Produced / Oily / Process Water Treatment for the following industries:

  • Onshore – Oil and Gas Processing Facilities
  • Onshore – Early Production Facilities (EPF)
  • Offshore – Mobile Offshore Production units (MOPU)
  • Offshore – FPSO Topsides
  • Refineries & Petrochemical

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