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Hydro-Lance Wet Scrubber | particulate scrubber


Hydro-Lance Wet Particulate Scrubbers

With Venturi scrubbers, the dirty gas entering a scrubber is forced at high velocity through a Venturi where it collides with scrubbing water. The tiny water droplets capture particles through impaction and diffusion. The dirty water is then removed in a cyclonic separator and discharged into a recycle tank. Some of the liquid is continuously purged to limit the solids concentration and allow recirculation back to the Venturi section.

However, Venturi scrubbers can experience pump failures, small orifice nozzle clogging, and material failures. To avoid these issues, we offer the Hydro-Lance Wet Scrubber system, which combines proven the Venturi collection methodology using with our HEE-Duall SAVe (Sub-merged-Air-Venturi) technology.

In terms of the principles of operation for the Hydro-Lance scrubber, static pressure induced by an exhaust fan draws the sump water and dust-laden air stream into an inverted Venturi throat. Turbulent mixing of dust and small droplets form an agglomerate, which is returned to sump where water is reused and particulate matter settles out or is dissolved. Entrained mists and dust are collected on a chevron blade mist eliminator. The collected dust forms sludge at the conical bottom of the scrubber.

Ideal Applications Include:

  • Aluminum, titanium and other metal machining operations
  • Sodium Azide propellant manufacturing and handling
  • Pharmaceutical powders and dusts
  • Calcium chloride dusts
  • Hygroscopic dusts
  • Corrosive dusts
  • Food processing with clean in place (CIP) option
  • Bulk solids drying process
  • Battery lead pasting



Hydro-Lance Wet Particulate scrubbers SAVe:
  • Capital cost - simple economical design
  • Replacement costs - corrosion resistant construction provides extended equipment life
  • Energy savings - no pumps
  • Maintenance savings - no moving parts, spray nozzles, or recirculation piping
  • Floor space - efficient geometry
  • Water savings - integral water saving sludge concentrator, the sump liquor need not be diluted



  • Low energy use
  • Pre-engineered designs
  • Pilot testing available
  • Complete ventilation systems available
  • Replaceable Venturi throat
  • Available with CIP cleaning options
  • High efficiency >99% on very fine particulates
  • Higher efficiency designs available upon request
  • Corrosion-resistant
Hydro-Lance Wet Scrubber | particulate scrubber
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