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Carbojet 300

The Mefiag brand Carbojet 300 Carbonate Removal system can remove up to 330 lbs. of sodium carbonates in just 24 hours from an alkaline plating solution – both cyanide and non-cyanide. Having awareness of the hidden costs of high carbonates can allow a shop to remain competitive in today’s market. 

The CarboJet 300 has a robust design for reliable operation and is easy to maintain, as the cooling unit can be serviced by an HVAC technician. It features semi-automatic operation that includes a 90-minute run time at 30 gallons, with a maximum filling volume of 58 gallons. Staff engagement is only needed to fill, level, and start the machine.  



  • Increased Efficiency: Carbonate removal can speed up the plating process
  • Improved Product Consistency: Eliminate staining, roughness, and uneven thickness that come with high carbonate levels
  • Decreased Chemical Consumption: Reduce the amount of chemicals needed because of improved bath stability and less frequent bath rebuilds
  • More Up Time: Extended bath life decreases the down time needed for chemical change out and the cost of fresh make-up chemistry 
  • Reduced Electrical Costs: Less chiller usage due to the bath generating less heat and reduced electrical current in the bath than a bath without a Carbonate removal system



  • Semiautomatic operation 
  • Limited staff engagement


CECO Mefiag

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