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CCA NOx Burner | Reduce Nitrogen Oxide


Low-NOx Burners (LNB)

Through years of experience and knowledge, we have patented innovative technologies designed to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions for new or existing coal, oil, and gas fired boilers.

Our CCA brand Low-NOx Burners (LNB) are configured to stabilize the combustion process and allow the unit to be operated at lower excess O2 by utilizing a flame stabilizer. To enhance the NOx reduction capabilities, the flame stabilizer is designed with internal air/fuel staging. This sets up fuel-rich and lean zones downstream of the stabilizer in the primary combustion zone where the majority of the NOx emissions are formed, providing additional staging, flame stability and lower NOx emissions.



  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • High-efficiency NOx reduction of up to 50%
  • Extends burner life
  • Reduces fly ash carbon losses and LOI
  • Lowers excess air levels and maintains the lowest possible emissions (at maximum and minimum loads)



  • Converts the burners into multi-zone, air and fuel-staged low NOx burners
  • Optimizes flame stability and shape


CCA NOx Burner | Reduce Nitrogen Oxide