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RETOX Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) System

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Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) Systems use a process of applying very high heat to purify dangerous exhaust air toxic compounds, by oxidizing the exhaust and destroying the gaseous hydrocarbons and waste volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at 1500 F and greater oxidation temperatures.


Our Adwest brand RETOX Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer systems are cost-effective and custom-designed to delivery maximum performance, reliability, and efficiency. Our RTO systems boast several unique features, including our Large Flow Capacity (LFC) series, which provides a compact low profile alternative to traditional large flow abatement equipment with rapid field assembly up to 100,000 scfm flow rates. All Adwest RTO have Flameless NGI-Natural gas injection for NOx-Free operation that utilizes a fraction of the gas that burner firing requires.

We can also custom design your system with special metallurgy for acid gas and corrosive process applications, ensuring that your Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer system fits all of your required specifications. Typical applications include:

  • Paint spray and industrial finishing
  • Print and web converting
  • Flexible packaging & printing
  • Food processing, bakery ovens, fryers & roasters
  • Metal litho, foil and coil coating
  • Ethanol, biofuels and food processing
  • Composites, fiberglass and EPS styrene
  • Carbon Fiber, Laminating & Treating
  • Chemical, oil and gas processing
  • Rubber and tire production
  • Microelectronics and wafer FAB
  • Air strippers and soil vapor extraction (SVE)
  • Mineral processing and kilns
  • Halogenated and acid gas processes
  • Wood & forest products, resin plants
  • Landfill, wastewater off-gas and biogas



  • Low Total Cost of Ownership - energy, maintenance & life cycle capital cost
  • Energy-efficient – up to 97% RTO thermal efficiency for ultra-low energy usage and virtual NOx free operation
  • High quality and high value, with our 5 year extended warranty – no complex rotary valves to adjust/maintain
  • Easy simplified maintenance with our low profile RTO modules
  • Cost-effective, custom-design systems



  • Systems ranging from 1,000 scfm to 100,000 scfm with single shop assembled modules
  • Flameless natural gas injection (NGI) - requires 30-55% less natural gas than burner and combustion air blower operation
  • Flameless NGI also procies NOx-Free operation with virtually zero nitrous oxide byproducts of combustion = low carbon footprint


RTO Oxidizer & Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer | RETOX RTO Oxidizer | RETOX regenerative thermal oxidizer

Two Module 124,00 scfm RETOX RTO System with common Exhaust Stack - Paint Finishing

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer | RTO Oxidizer | RTO Thermal Oxidizer

Adwest 50,000 scfm RETOX RTO for Flexible Packaging & Laminating

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer | RTO Oxidizer | RTO Thermal Oxidizer

RETOX Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer - Fume & Odor 

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer | RTO Oxidizer | RTO Thermal Oxidizer