Quencher Scrubber

Quencher Scrubber


HEE-Duall designs and manufactures an innovative two-stage scrubber solution for applications involving corrosive air from hot processes and corrosive air contaminants from processes such as thermal or catalytic oxidizers – HCl, HF, SO2, Cl2, HB. We custom design each of our Quencher Scrubbers in accordance with your specific application. Our Model HQS Quencher Scrubber is a two-stage system consisting of:

  1. Quencher stage designed to cool the hot gases
  2. Scrubber stage to remove the corrosive gases and mists

For almost half a century, the HEE-Duall brand has led the industry in the design and supply of purification products. Our visionary technology can manage hazardous and volatile exhaust compounds for a wide range of situations. The diversity in our product line covers everything needed to deal with the collection, handling, and control of corrosive airstreams, gases, mists, and vapors. Our two-stage Quencher Scrubber excels at removing corrosive air and contaminants in industrial processes. When you depend on HEE-Duall for your purification needs, you can be confident that your emissions are cleansed effectively and efficiently.

In tandem with our superior craftsmanship, we create custom-designed solutions to match your specific needs, simple or complex. Our products are flexible and durable for managing an array of projects. Choose from our comprehensive line of products to find the components that fit your needs, and we will assist you through the entire process. Our expert staff offers extensive knowledge in every aspect of purification systems, and our customer service is the best in the market. Selecting the right purification equipment for your company can be challenging. But when you choose HEE-Duall, the choice is a cinch. Choose the most advanced, most reliable, and most carefully crafted equipment in the industry.

Feature & Benefits

  • Capacity up to 120,000 CFM
  • Corrosion resistant construction
  • The Quencher stage of our system is constructed of a suitable metallic material.
  • The Scrubber stage is constructed of FRP material and is filled with a high efficiency packing material, mist eliminator and liquid distribution system.
  • Each Quencher scrubber system is equipped with a list of standard components, and we can include a list of popular options for a complete and simple to operate system
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • High efficiency – Up to 99.9% removal efficiency of acid or toxic gases
  • Maximum reliability and value with corrosion and chemical resistance materials

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