Custom Environmental Control in Metal Industry Electrical Equipment Rooms

Custom Environmental Control in Metal Industry Electrical Equipment Rooms


Engineers in the metals industry commonly design ventilation systems for electrical equipment rooms. The areas of most concern are rolling mill motor room ventilation, transformer vaults, power control rooms, computer rooms, and pulpits. Busch offers deep expertise in custom designs to achieve environmental control and cooling ventilation in these rooms. We understand that the primary objectives in designing a ventilation system for electrical equipment are to provide an environment that will:

  • Extend equipment life
  • Allow the equipment to operate at maximum efficiency at its rated capacity, with maximum uptime

The most successful methods of ventilation of large electrical equipment enclosures in the metal industry include:

  • Self-cleaning, high-efficiency filters
  • Packaged ventilation units with capacities as high as 250,000 CFM
  • Advanced corrosion protection systems
  • Improved heating and cooling technologies

Custom designs are needed to meet the unique ventilation requirements associated with electrical equipment. Simply purchasing ventilation components through an installing contractor or equipment supplier will result in several problems that stem from the unique ventilation requirements.

Custom Environmental Control from Busch

Busch over the last 70 years has remained the global leader in the design and installation of custom, top-of-the-line clean air solutions. In Primary Metals facilities, Busch equipment is without equal. Recognized for providing the “Best Available Control Technology” to capture, collect, and convey emissions from steel and aluminum rolling mills, our products and customer service set us apart from other brands. Providing custom environmental control for metal industry electrical equipment rooms is just one example of Busch’s outstanding technology.

Updating your company with cutting-edge systems from Busch will move your facility into the future. Busch provides adaptable, customized technology to fulfill your particular needs. Purchase Busch equipment with absolute confidence and the knowledge that it is state-of-the-art and will perfectly fit your requirements.
While Busch specializes in the primary metals industry, we are also experts in designing and installing hardware for the chemical, automotive, power generation, and glass industries. Busch has you covered whether you need new air cleaning machinery, heavy-duty ventilation equipment, or high-capacity cooling systems. Go with Busch and see why we have been the global leader in air cleaning solutions for over 60 years.

Keep your emissions as clean as your conscience. Choose Busch.

Features & Benefits

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Sufficient quality of ventilation air for equipment cooling or personnel stress relief
  • High performance and low maintenance requirements of air filter systems
  • Minimized corrosion of sensitive equipment due to condensation or airborne contaminants
  • Use of correct airflow distribution patterns
  • Low noise levels

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