Sour Water Stripper

Sour Water Stripper

Sour Water Strippers are used to remove Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Ammonia (NH3), and other impurities from produced water to ensure that it is safe for disposal and re-use. Steam, Fuel Gas or Nitrogen is used as a stripping medium in the column. These units can be simple, or complex based on process requirements and application.

The Sour Water Stripper Column is provided with high performance Peerless Internals to ensure efficient separation and handle variable turndown capability. The offered modular system is provided with Column, Process Internals, pumps along with piping and instruments.

Process Description

For stripping process, the sour water enters from the top of the column and flows down through the proprietary packed column or trays. The stripping medium (either Nitrogen/Fuel Gas/Steam) is introduced through the bottom of the column.

Sour Water flows downwards through the structured packing and comes in contact with stripping gas. The gas absorbs H2S/CO2/NH3 present in the sour water and leaves from the top of the column to incinerator or flare. The treated water leaves the column from the bottom and flows downstream for further treatment. This system can bring down the H2S/CO2/NH3 concentration to desired low levels.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact Footprint, Simple & Robust Design
  • Meet Stringent Performance Guarantee
  • Ideal for Early Production and Central production Facilities
  • Modular Solution for Offshore and FPSO applications

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