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The INDUSTRO-SEP Combines Advanced Technology with Proven Concepts in Efficient Oil Water Separation Techniques

The INDUSTRO-SEP is an engineered industrial liquid wastewater separator, which utilizes state of the art membrane technology to provide the most effective treatment of process wastewaters involving oily emulsions, elevated BOD or CODs, solids, and other contaminants. The flexibility of the design allows for the use of a wide range of membranes and system components to satisfy most applications.

INDUSTRO-SEP systems are available in one and two stage configurations. INDUSTRO-SEP applications include parts washing solution treatment and recovery, textile dye removal, machine tool coolant treatment, plating solution and rinse water recovery and many other liquid-to-liquid separation applications. INDUSTRO-SEP is designed to provide high rejection and separation rates to optimize waste concentration or maximum recovery of process liquids.

Features & Benefits

  • Modular system design allows for maximum customization of process to satisfy wide range of application requirements
  • Units are pre-piped and pre-wired to simplify installation and reduce related costs
  • PLC control provides excellent automatic system operation, maximizing performance
  • Integral membrane maintenance systems extend membrane service life
  • Heavy-duty industrial components offer enhanced durability and reliability
  • Advanced materials of construction handle both acidic and alkaline solutions
  • Compact design has small footprint minimizing floor space required
  • Chemical free treatment process reducing operating cost
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