Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid

Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid

Fuel Gas Conditioning (FGC) system is primarily provided to treat fuel gas by removing any solids and liquid content and set the gas process conditions such as temperature and pressure to meet emission norms and improve the life of downstream equipment.

Process Description

If unconditioned process gas is sent directly to the gas engine turbines/generators/burners, it can damage their internal components. Hence, process gas, sourced from a slip-up stream of GDU or sales gas pipelines, requires pre-treatment prior to being used as fuel gas. Presence of even a minute quantity of liquid droplets or solids can severely damage the combustion engine of the turbines, resulting in failure of the equipment and voiding its warranty.

Features & Benefits

The Fuel Gas Conditioning (FGC) unit typically consists of a pre-heater, pressure reduction manifold, FG Knock out drum (KOD), Gas Scrubber/Filter and Gas Superheater (Electric or Indirect Fired). Depending of the hydrate formation tendency, sometimes a pre-heater may be provided at the FG system inlet.

The pressure of the HC gas entering the FG system is reduced as per the user requirement. Due to this JT effect, the HC condensate and water formed are separated from the gas in the KOD. The gas is then taken to the Coalescers/Fine filter to further reduce the liquid and solid droplet size in the gas to <0.5µm. The gas is then heated, using a Superheater to elevate its temperature to above the HC dew point (typically 10–20ºC) and reduce any possibility of condensate formation in the pipeline leading to the gas turbine.

Product Application
  • Offshore – Process Platforms/Wellheads/ FPSO/ MOPUs/ Drilling rigs
  • Onshore – Oil & Gas Processing, Early Production, Well Testing, Refineries, Gas plants, Produced water treatment units
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