Filter Silencers

Burgess Aarding

Burgess-Aarding standard models in the A and B Series offers sizes ranging from 2.500 to 81.500m3/hr. (1,500 to 48,000 CFM) with either single or dual stage filtration. Efficiencies range from 72% to 99% AC fine.

The assemblies can reduce intake noise from the source by up to 14 decibels and if additional acoustic reduction is required, other Burgess-Aarding filter silencer elements can be added to the installation.

The Series A housing is designed to accept a conventional 50mm (2 inches) deep single filter element or for critical services, two 50mm (2 inches) deep filter elements in series. The B Series B housing is designed to accept a 300mm (12 inches) deep, high efficiency single filter element. An additional 50mm (2 inches) deep pre-filter element can be used in series if required.

When it is time to change out a filter element, unique spring loading catches simplify the removal and replacement of these elements with the most common filter elements stocked by Burgess-Aarding for quick assembly and shipment directly to the jobsite.


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