Ferrate-based Advanced Oxidation Process

Ferrate-based Advanced Oxidation Process
Ferrate (Supercharged Oxidant)

Ferrate (FeO4)2- is a supercharged form of iron with in the +6 oxidation state, also known as Iron (VI). Ferrate is extremely powerful to serve multiple treatments from a single application. It does not create toxic Disinfection By-Products thus, is environment-friendly, and solves a various range of treatment challenges than other standard oxidants. Most importantly, Ferrate is often the least expensive and most effective treatment option. Ferrate is a versatile oxidant is designed to move away from chlorine, as well as ozone, peroxides and ultraviolet light.

Ferrate-Based Advanced Oxidation

The process of mixing Hydrated Ferric solution (iron catalyst) and strong Acidic Halogen Oxidant solution (oxidizing agent) is the easiest method to produce pure Ferrate in the reaction tank. The purity of Ferrate is more than 99% in the mixed form. This Ferrate production scheme is an exclusive and proprietary process.

Ferrate (VI) from Hydrated Ferric solution & Acidic Halogen agent is the safest oxidant, inexpensive and “environmental friendly”, especially for water and waste water treatment applications. This Reduction-Oxidation process is an ideal treatment for industrial and municipal effluent containing hazardous organic and inorganic compounds. Using the high purity ferrate, there is no need to dose poisonous and corrosive gasses like chlorine, hypochlorite or ozone. These oxidants have deleterious side effects. Additionally, the handling of chlorine, hypochlorite, HOCl, chlorine dioxide or ozone are potential danger to workers due to their high toxicity. And a major disadvantage of chlorine and chlorine dioxide or any other chlorine- containing oxidant produce, chloramines, chlorinated aromatics, chlorinated amines or hydrocarbons. All these oxidants are potential mutagens or carcinogens, are for sure more toxic than the parent contaminants.

Both compositions in Hydrated Ferric catalyst and Acidic Halogen are oxidation products and 100% biodegradable. The ferrate molecule precipitates out of solution as Fe(OH)3 and now the adsorption process starts to collect cation as well as anions from the water. The iron containing product will be easily filtered out by Advanced Catalytic Media Filtration leaving iron-free water containing innocuous by-products.

Features & Benefits

  • Ferrate is the most powerful common oxidant/ disinfectant for water and wastewater treatments
  • Multiple Treatment Capability
  • Low-Operating Cost
  • Safe & Non-toxic Reagents required
  • No Disinfection By-Products
  • Capable to treat Difficult Biosolids
  • Versatile Supercharge Iron which can perform as an Oxidant, Disinfectant & Coagulant
  • Produced Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Drainwater Treatment
  • High Organics Waste Treatment
  • Refineries & Petrochemical

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