Early Production Facility (EPF)

Early Production Facility (EPF)

An Early Production Facility (EPF) is a modularized integrated solution for oil and gas production which enables customers start oil/gas production on a fast-track basis. Time is the key factor to achieve the commercial benefit. EPFs are preferred by several oil and gas operators for marginal field development or to quickly monetize the fields prior to installation of a permanent facility. This provides financial and operational benefits for oil and gas production.

CECO Peerless offer includes an end-to-end solution for an integrated EPF package with following equipment:
  • Gas Treatment: Gas Compression, Gas Sweetening unit, Gas Dehydration unit, Dew Point Control unit, Gas Metering system
  • Oil Treatment: Three Phase Separators, Crude oil Heaters, Electrostatic Desalters/Heater Treaters, Crude Stabilization unit, Crude Storage, Metering and Pumping Units
  • Produced water: CPI Separators, Deoiler Hydro cyclones, Induced Gas Flotation (or DGF/DNF), Nutshell Filters
  • E&I Package: Integrated Control and Monitoring system (PLC) and ESD system
  • Structural Modules: Modularised skid for ease of transportation
  • Plant Utilities

Features & Benefits

  • Fast track engineering attributed to standardization of packages
  • Modular design of process skids to lower transportation cost and benefit mobilization/ demobilization operations
  • Meets Customer Performance Guarantee
  • Overall low CAPEX and OPEX for customers
  • Offshore – Mobile Offshore Production units (MOPU)
  • Onshore – upstream oil/ gas processing

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