Desanding Hydrocyclones

Desanding Hydrocyclones


Desanding Hydrocyclones are pressure-driven cyclonic separators that utilize a certain pressure drop across the unit to force the separation of the solids from the bulk phase produced water or condensate. The feed stream, containing high amount of solids/ sand, enters the hydrocyclone through a tangential inlet under a pressurized condition. This is where it is forced into a spiral motion by the hydrocyclone’s internal profile. The internal conic shape of the liner causes the spinning/ swirling effect to accelerate {which effectively creates) high centrifugal forces, causing the denser solid particles to move to the outer wall of the hydrocyclone liner, while the lighter phase water or condensate is concentrated to the central core of the liner.

Solids continue to spiral down along the outer wall of the hydrocyclone to the bottom exit which is typically collected in an accumulator (could be integrated or a separate unit) for periodic disposal. The “desanded” water in the central core section reverses direction and is forced out through the central vortex towards the top of the Hydrocyclone.

Hydrocyclones are effectively centrifugal separators that rely on the differential density between the solids particle and the water to allow separation.

The efficiency of the separation is governed by four main factors:

  • Solid Particle Size
  • Differential Density
  • Viscosity of the Bulk Fluid
  • Gravity (or Centrifugal Force)

Features & Benefits

  • Compact design, replacing substantially larger equipment.
  • No moving parts and minimal maintenance
  • Ideal for use where space is minimal
  • Cyclonic liners are available in a range of alloys from Stainless steel, Alumina Ceramic, Polypropylene, Tungsten Carbide, Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide
Product Application
  • Wellhead solids removal in multi-phase flow
  • Protection of equipment from blockage or erosion
  • Sand cleaning for overboard discharge
  • Polishing of water prior to re-injection

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