Compact Flotation Unit

Compact Flotation Unit


Compact Flotation Systems are used to remove oil and solids from produced water to ensure that it is safe for disposal and re-use. Based on design flow rate and footprint available, Peerless can offer Vertical Compact Flotation Units as secondary treatment systems.

Technology Description

The Peerless Compact Flotation Unit (CFU) is the latest generation compact flotation unit available on the market. The philosophy of compact flotation is the combination of multiple separation technologies including cyclonic and flotation principles. Peerless Compact Flotation Units are available as a single or two stage system, combined or separate oil/gas outlets, the CFU is adaptable to the wide variety of oil industry process conditions and applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be either single or multiple stage separation
  • Removal of free oil-in-water to less than 20ppm
  • Unlimited Turn-down
  • Minimal requirement of chemicals
  • Waste / Produced / Oily / Process Water Treatment for the following industries:
    • Onshore – Oil and Gas Processing Facilities
    • Onshore – Early Production Facilities (EPF)
    • Offshore – Mobile Offshore Production units
    • Offshore – FPSO Topsides
    • Refineries & Petrochemical

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